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Volunteer Profiles

Submitting Volunteer Profiles:

How would your organization like to have a quarter page write up that will go to 25,000 homes and have it for FREE? That is what CTCC is offering to all of our CTCC members in partnership with the Cranberry Eagle. If you look to the Sunday edition of the Cranberry Eagle you will see that most weeks a volunteer is profiled, and below that is a 300 word article about their organization. Once all of the organizations are profiled, we will then repeat your organization again, so there is a good chance that you may get more than one profile published each year. Also with advance notice, a profile can be timed with your fundraiser or important event, and the 300 word article can be about that event.

Again all of this is FREE. What you need to do. Submit a volunteer profile and a 300 word description of your organization. Then email a photo or have the person go to the Cranberry Eagle to get their photo taken. Consider submitting 3 or 4 volunteer profiles; this way we have a queue built up for your organization that will last more than one year. If you have any questions please contact Kris Smith at .

Information and application to submit a volunteer profile